Ohm Hours

Ohm Hours or OhmConnect, is a website where you link your electric company to. The electric company pays Ohm hours to help them keep energy levels down during estimated spike times because it's cheaper for the electric company to pay someone to do this than it is to pay for the increase in energy usage. Then in return, Ohm hours pays a part of their earnings to the members based off of the amount of energy that they saved during these times.
Sometimes because of how the information is shared there is a bit of a delay before you know how you did during the hours. Also, sometimes because of the nature of spike there could be little delay before you are told about upcoming hours. My experience so far has been very fair warning with slightly slow result time, but I really love the service so far.
If you're interested in this free program I've detailed the money that I've earned, saved, and what I did to make sure that my usage was under during the hours. There's a ton …

Applike Review

Applike App Link 
Applike is by far my favorite way of earning money with my cellphone. It is completely free and involves downloading games/apps on your phone. The more you play them, the more points you earn. You can redeem the points for multiple different giftcards or have it transferred into your paypal. I personally have it transferred into my paypal, but if you're patient it can be worth your while to save up enough points for a high dollar giftcard. About once a month I deposit $20 into my paypal account and absolutely love this app.
There are a few reviews stating that people have gotten suspended after earning a certain amount, but they were breaking rules. Applike will suspend your account if you open an app and allow it to sit open without interacting with it. People were trying to cheat the system by opening an app, plugging their phone in, and leaving it be while they did something else. Don't do this! Do it the honest way and you'll get paid every time like m…